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Quarkus & Quarkus Security

Join us with Sergey Beryzokin, Principle Software Engineer @ RedHat for a deep dive into Quarkus features - see you there.

Micro Frontends with Matt Raible

Join us on Tuesday Sept. 27th for a fantastic session with Matt on micro frontends architecture using Angular, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud.

Thriving in the Cloud: Venturing Beyond the 12 Factors

Join us on Thursday 25th Aug to work Jamie in a 2-hour interactive workshop, we'll dive into the extended and updated 15 factors needed to build cloud native applications that are able to thrive in this environment and get hands-on with open-source technologies and tools (including MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, Open Liberty, OpenJ9, and more!) that can help us achieve this. RSVP on Meetup.

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